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Do I need an appointment for an estimate?  




At Voelkel's Collision Repair, your time and estimates are taken seriously.  We try to write a detailed repair plan for your car that should provide a better repair experience when it comes time to do the actual repair. It is important for us to get as much of the damage as possible on the initial estimate.  With this in mind, cars are more complex, and it is more difficult than ever to write the perfect estimate.  By scheduling an estimate, it will give us the best opportunity to give you the best possible repair plan.

How long does an estimate take:


Estimates usually take 15-30 minutes to complete. We will be happy to provide it via e-mail if you are short on time.

Reporting the Claim:


As the owner of the vehicle you will need  to report the claim. There is specific information about the accident which they need to speak to you directly on. It is important to report the claim as soon as possible to avoid delays. When you report the claim, you will be provided a claim number. Advise the insurance company that you have chosen Voelkel's Collision Repair as the auto body shop to repair your vehicle. DO NOT allow the insurance representative to force or scare you into using another auto body shop. BY LAW you can choose any auto body shop that you wish. Call and give us the claim number and we will then help handle the claim process for you.

Rental Car:

If the accident was the others party’s fault AND they have accepted liability (responsibility) then the other insurance company will pay for the rental vehicle for you. If the accident was your fault and you are using your own insurance make sure you have rental car coverage on your policy. Either way you must inform the insurance company if you will need a rental while your vehicle is being repaired. For your convenience, both Enterprise and Hertz will pick up the rental car from our facility when you return it. 


Can you save me my deductible?


An honest repair shop will always say no. Your insurance policy is a contract between you and your insurance carrier. It states that if you are involved in a collision, you are responsible for the first portion of the repairs (your deductible). The insurance company will pay the remaining. If you have a deductible, you are responsible for paying the amount directly to Voelkel's Collision Repair at the completion of repairs.


What is betterment charges?


Parts that wear out and need replacement with time and use (i.e. tires, batteries, and suspension parts) are commonly subject to "betterment charges" when they are replaced during the repair process. These betterment charges are determined by your insurance company and are pro-rated based on the wear or usage of a wearable part on your vehicle. If you encounter this, we will be happy to explain it further


How long will it take to repair my car?


Because each collision repair need is different, there is no standard time period necessary to make repairs. The length of time is dependent on the extent of the damage, availability of parts, and of course, your insurance adjuster’s timeliness. However, Voelkel's Collision Repair will do everything we can to keep your repair time as short as possible.


How long before I can wash my vehicle after it has been painted?


You can wash your vehicle with mild soap and water immediately, but we do recommend not waxing your vehicle for 30 days. 


What's the difference between OEM and aftermarket parts?


OEM is an acronym for "original equipment manufacturer".  Aftermarket is not the manufacturer's original equipment. It is a part produced by a manufacturer other than the original vehicle manufacturer.  Insurance companies source aftermarket parts on their estimates in order to reduce repair costs.  Aftermarket parts are "supposed" to look and fit similar to OEM parts at a reduced costs.  If you are concerned about the fit and finish of your repair, you may want to pursue the insurance carrier for new oem parts or pay the difference for OEM parts.


What forms of payment are accepted?

  • Cash

  • Checks (personal, business and original insurance check)

  • Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express

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