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Repairing  Cars for over 45 Years!​

  Like many small automotive businesses in America, Voelkel's Collision Repair started as a small operation behind Omer and Dana Voelkel's house.  While driving a school bus, Omer would repair cars behind his home in between his routes.  At the time, he would do any mechanical or body repair on a vehicle.  As time went on, Dana started to show interest in auto repair, and Omer quickly found himself relying on Dana to perform the paintwork when he finished his school day.  While both had unmatched work ethic, they each managed to assume complimentary roles.  Omer had an entrepreneurial spirit with the ability to communicate well with people, and Dana had attention to detail that drove the quality of the repairs!

  As time progressed, they moved their backyard operation down the street, and they continued to build upon it over the years. Now, the repair shop is carried on by Dana's two sons.  Over the years, the collision repair industry has definitely become more sophisticated, but many of the core principles at Voelkel's Collision Repair have stayed the same.  Voelkel's Collision Repair continues to focus on developing a high level of trust with vehicle owners while performing high quality repairs!


  After 45 years of business Voelkel's Collision Repair has built an unmatched combination of industry experience, highly trained technicians, state of the art equipment, and progressive technology to make an otherwise dreadful collision a much better experience!  As a family owned and operated collision repair shop specializing in late model collision repair, Voelkel's Collision Repair wants to be your go-to destination!

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